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13 Unbelievable Celebrity Demands

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We love to hate celebrities, today we gathered a list of 13 of the most stubborn celebrities and the list of things they demand.

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7 – Kanye West – Raise your hand if you would expect Kanye West to NOT have a crazy list of demands when he goes on tour. Anyone? Anyone? Kanye has been known to ask for rugs in his dressing room to be ironed when they feel too bumpy on his bare feet. He also demands some pretty special treatment for his daughter North, including a full size bed so she can nap, a TV full of her favorite shows and a gourmet chef to cook her whatever snacks she feels like at a moment’s notice. Kanye also requests a bottle of Neutrogena Dandruff Shampoo and face scrub, Nivea Lotion and 2 tubes of Carmex lip balm. A little product placement never hurt anyone, right?

6 – Nicki Minaj – Nicki Minaj has got the kind of backstage demands we can all get behind. Not only does she request buckets of spicy fried chicken – no thighs, mostly wings – but she also asks for candles that only smell like baked goods. Among some of her other requests include 3 different flavors of chewing gum, two space heaters and a cheese platter.

5 – Mariah Carey – The diva to shut down all divas, Mariah Carey does not disappoint. From Cristal with bendy straws to two air purifiers to an assistant whose main responsibility is to throw away her gum, the former Mrs. Nick Cannon has got some high expectations when on tour. Besides the gum disposal assistant, she also requires an assistant to help her down stairs. Another strange request is a room full of dark couches with no busy patterns. The temperature must be set at exactly 75 degrees Fahrenheit and filled with 24 white roses and vanilla scented candles.

4 – Taylor Swift – As though you needed more of a reason to be in Taylor Swift’s squad, almost everything on her list of demands are food related. Twizzlers, Hot Tamales candy, red bull, mac and cheese, ben and jerry’s ice cream, grape juice, pickles, cold cuts, Diet Pepsi and popcorn have all made the list. She’s also a girl who likes her Starbucks and asks that her favorite drink order – a grande iced caramel latte with 2 sweet and lows – be delivered no later than 11am.

3 – Christina Aguilera – Nothing about Christina Aguilera’s list surprises me – she may be tiny with a big voice, but her diva-liciousness is even bigger. One of the best demand son this list so far is her requirement of a masseuse to be available at all times while she tapes The Voice to give her foot massages on demand. She also requires Flintstone vitamins, Nesquik, soy cheese and an organic food spread with no Styrofoam or plastic containers.

2 – Madonna – When you’re Madonna you can pretty much get away with anything – so her list of demands while on tour should come as no surprise. First of all, she requires an entourage of 200 people, which include an acupuncturist, masseuse, yoga instructor, 30 body guards, dry cleaner and personal chefs to name a few. She also requires a very strict vegan menu be provided, even though Madonna is not vegan. When staying in hotels, she also allegedly prefers that all the furniture and décor be removed and replaced with her own things she has shipped from home.

1 – Jennifer Lopez – Bow down to the queen of the insane backstage demands. Jennifer Lopez takes the cake. When agreeing to make an appearance, she requires a private plane be made available to her and her crew, as well as a number of 5 star hotel rooms. According to a recent contract she also insists everything be white – like, everything. From the furniture to the flowers to the drapes to the candles. Jenny from the block also seems to have a sweet tooth, preferring peanut M&Ms over plain, and asking for a variety of baked goods to be available.

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