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7 CRAZIEST Disney Animated Movie Fan Theories

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Disney and animated movie fans are some of the most passionate out there–so passionate, in fact, that some of them have completely dissected their favorite ones and come up with some pretty crazy connections and theories about them. So let’s break down the craziest fan theories of them all.

1. Sid from Toy Story became a garbage man to save toys
2. Peter Pan is an angel, Neverland is Heaven
3. Aladdin is set in the future
4. Marlin from Finding Nemo is going through the stages of grief
5. Elsa and Anna from Frozen’s parents are also Tarzan’s parents
6. Andy’s mom from Toy Story is Jessie doll owner, Emily
7. Jane from Tarzan is the granddaughter of Belle and the Beast

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5 thoughts on “7 CRAZIEST Disney Animated Movie Fan Theories

  1. I don’t think Tarzan is Anna and Elsa lil bro, I mean didn’t their parents
    went somewhere for 2 weeks? and their mum did not look like 9 months
    pregnant and besides u can tell they are from like different era by the

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