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Another Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad

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When they hit the scene their images were squeaky clean, but now these badass celebrities are the some of the baddest of the bunch! Not necessarily in a criminal or moral way, but they certainly have switched up their look, overall persona and beliefs a LOT since they first hit the scene as fledgling, innocent little celebrities.

In this video:

#10. Natasha Lyonne
#9. Vanessa Hudgens
#8. Teresa Giudice
#7. Tara Reid
#6. Lalaine
#5. Mischa Barton
#4. Kylie Jenner
#3. ?
#2. ?

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5 thoughts on “Another Top 10 Celebrity Good Girls Gone Bad

  1. Umm I thought this was the time of swj shit. How can a women owning her right of sexual expression and having fun be labeled as “bad”? Or is it that anyone labeled famous is required to live a life of morality because influential idiots obsess over them. Really dissing on their mojo. Fuck and do drugs, feels good man.

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