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Ariana Grande FALLS On Stage & Recovers Like A Pro

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Ariana Grande suffers a major fall mid-performance after her heel gets stuck in one of her dancer’s shoelaces, but luckily the pop princess recovered like a QUEEN.
It’s gotta be every pop star’s worst nightmare to suffer a major fall during a show, but Ari handled her stage slip-up like a pro…

Ariana was performing her song “Bad Decisions” in Santiago, Chile as part of her “Dangerous Woman Tour”, when she accidentally got her high heel caught in the clothing of one of her dancers and fell to her knees. Concert-goers watched the dramatic moment as Ari was dragged back a couple feet by the dancer as he moved to the back of the stage, but luckily he and a few fellow dancers quickly realized that Ari had fallen and rushed to her aid. After they quickly untangled her foot, Ari got right back up and continued to finish the song.
One fan caught the whole thing on video and posted the footage to Twitter, captioning the post QUOTE, “Ariana is the ONLY ex-act to get her heel caught in a dancer’s shoelace. I love stanning talent.”

Ari didn’t comment on her fall on social media after the concert, but it seems that she’s doing okay and wasn’t injured during the fall. She posted a black and white photo of herself from the show, along with the caption QUOTE, “Muchas gracias Santiago”, followed by the heart/praying emoji.

Well we’re definitely glad to hear that Ari wasn’t injured and we’re SUPER impressed by the way she got right back up and kept going–although we wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the strongest divas in the game!

Okay guys now I wanna hear what you think of Ari’s fall and immediate recovery–is she seriously a badass or what?! Sound off in the comments below with all your thoughts, and after that click here to find out why Ed Sheeran quit social media over Lady Gaga’s fans, and Lady Gaga’s response. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, and don’t forget to subscribe! I’m your girl Miriam Isa and I’ll catch you later!

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5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande FALLS On Stage & Recovers Like A Pro

  1. Her 2nd fall while singing bad decisions is the song a bad decision?😂 no but she did recover, slayyyyyy trick or you’ll get eliminated

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