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Fifth Harmony Celebrates Self-Titled Album As It Tops The Charts

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I think it’s safe to say we all have enough new music to last us throughout the weekend.
Fifth Harmony’s self-titled album landed in our laps last night and the masses have already spoken claiming their favorite songs. The album has already claimed the number one spot on iTunes in 48 countries. A selection of the tracks are quickly climbing the charts individually with “Down” leading the way followed by “Don’t Say You Love Me,” “He Like That,” “Make You Mad,” “Angel,” and “Sauced Up.”
Rolling Stone weighed in on the new sound saying QUOTE – “It’s the group’s most cohesive album yet and a satisfying introduction to what Fifth Harmony can be capable of in their new era.”
The girl’s had their album release party last night at Delilah in Los Angeles and Ali gave a heartwarming speech that will most definitely make you tear a little if you’re on your period. Check it out:
Naturally fans reactions were filled with admiration with one person tweeting – “Loving the new 5H album!! Everything I imagined and better, great job girls! Glad I stayed up to hear it! #FifthHarmony.”
Another said – “Finally a Fifth Harmony album that doesn’t sound manufactured and we get to hear all the girls singin.”
However of course there are always those who don’t necessarily play nice. Someone tweeted – “Its OFFICIAL! Camilla was holding 5th Harmony back. She was ROBBING Dinah and Ally who are a revelation on this album! #FifthHarmony.” There was a compliment in there somewhere.
I for one cannot wait for all of the new music videos to come because I need to add something new to my “Work From Home” choreography repertoire. But you know I want to hear what you guys think about the album so let me know in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe and then click right over here to listen to Taylor Swift’s new song. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony Celebrates Self-Titled Album As It Tops The Charts

  1. I really didn’t want to bring up Camila, but I’m honestly tired of people calling her a bitch. She had reasons to go solo you know, and I respect her. If you were a true Harmonizer, than you would support both Camila and 5H. Please, stop the hate.

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