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Growth of civilization has been associated with changes in the society and the lifestyle of its people and also the changes in laws, orders, and acts accordingly. Post-independence, more than any other community, it’s the farmers who have been struggling with their life, facing innumerable difficulties. One of those many difficulties is the eviction of farmers from their homeland in the name of illegal encroachment of forest land. Hombanna is a movie based on one such story line.
The film captures the beautiful landscapes, Customs, Culture, Festivities, Language and the Lifestyle of farmers living in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and presents those moments in a splendid yet natural way.
The main theme of the movie is around the pros and cons of the encroachment of forest land by the poor farmers. The movie effectively showcases different situations, wherein ordinary people or farmers are subjected to many difficult situations by the Law of the Land, its role in the society in general and demands answers to the questions raised by the characters.
Hombanna is a movie with a deeper social theme. Manner in which the problems and difficulties of everyday life upset farmers’ minds and become the root cause of struggle against the establishment, the way the political strategies are developed to exploit their helplessness, forms the basis of the movie. Correlating the human sentiments with the Colours and sowing the seeds of expectation for a brighter future is the essence of Hombanna.

• Movie: Hombanna (
• Production House/Banner: Sanchalana Movies (
• Producer: Ramakrishna Nigade
• Written and Directed by: Rakshith Thirthahalli
• Star Cast: Subbu Talabi, Dhanu Gowda, Varsha Acharya, Pavithra, Suchendra Prasad, Dattanna, Ninasum Ashwath, Mimicry Gopi, Kumar Arasegowda, Sharmita Shetty, Chetan Chandra, and Others.
• Singers: Chandan Shetty, Jogi Sunita, Vani Harikrishna, Hemanth, Santosh Venky, Manasa Holla, Anuradha Bhat, Ananya Bhagath, Vinu Manasu and Giri R
• Music: Vinu Manasu
• Background Score: B Ajaneesh Lokanath
• Lyrics: Rakshith Thirthahalli
• Editor: Akshay P Rao
• Director of Photography: Praveen S
• Choreography: Nagaraj
• PRO: Sudheendra Venkatesh
• Poster Design: AVES
• Production Manager: Vajreshwari Manjunath
• Audio Company: Alpha Digitech
• Postproduction: UNIFI Media and BALAJI Studios

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