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YouTube Stars Scars, Liza Koshy Talk, Walking Dead, Celebrity Gossip News By Chris Tommy

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One of YouTube’s buzziest stars just hit a massive milestone. On Sunday, 21-year-old Liza Koshy surpassed 10 million subscribers, meaning that a Diamond Play Button should be in the mail. (YouTube also sends creators Gold and Silver Play Buttons to creators for surpassing 1 million and 100,000 subscribers, respectively).

Perhaps more impressive than Koshy’s huge subscriber count is the speed at which she was able to achieve the milestone. The Houston native, who rose to fame on Vine, posted her first YouTube video on July 8, 2015 — meaning that it took her a little under two years to hit 10 million subscribers. There are only 105 channels on all of YouTube who count more than 10 million subscribers, according to SocialBlade. And Koshy, who is signed to Awesomeness‘ creator network, is in good company: other channels to have reached the milestone in recent months include Jimmy Fallon and K-Pop superstar Psy.

Koshy, who posts videos every Wednesday, has also amassed 4 million subscribers on her second channel — and a total of 1 billion lifetime views between the two. She has 12.6 million followers on Instagram, too.

Stuntman John Bernecker sustained a serious head injury during production of The Walking Dead this past week in Atlanta, halting production on season 8. Early this morning, TMZ reported that Bernecker was pronounced dead yesterday evening. The official cause of death from the Medical Examiner’s office is accidental blunt force trauma. Although the specific stunt or sequence has yet to be reported in detail, we do know that the accident occurred from a fall of over 25 feet to a concrete floor. Bernecker’s SAG-AFTRA union is currently investigating the logistics of the tragic fall.

Justin Bieber couldn’t leave his cell phone alone while he was operating a motor vehicle … so now it’s gonna cost him.

JB was cruising around Beverly Hills in a Mercedes G-Wagon Saturday when a cop spotted him on his cell and pulled him over. According to law enforcement … he was issued a citation for using his phone while driving. It’s unclear if he was texting or talking.

Cops tell us Justin was calm and cooperative, took his ticket and moved along without further incident.

FYI — a cell phone ticket is $162 in LA on average … so the Biebs should have no problem paying the fine.

Legendary horror filmmaker George A. Romero, best known for creating the “Night of the Living Dead” and catapulting the zombie film genre, has passed away.

George had been battling lung cancer. He died Sunday in his sleep surrounded by his family as the score to his favorite film “The Quiet Man” played, according to the L.A. Times who reported it first.

George’s 1968 cult classic “Night of the Living Dead” spawned a bunch of sequels including “Dawn of the Dead,” “Day of the Dead,” “Land of the Dead,” “Diary of the Dead” and more. He’s regarded as the godfather of zombie films and inspired several modern day horror filmmakers including Eli Roth, who commended George for casting a black man as the lead in “NOTLD” in the ’60s after news of his death broke. George was 77.

Legendary actor Martin Landau has died … TMZ has learned.
Martin died at 1:30 PM PT Saturday at UCLA Medical Center after a short hospitalization where he suffered unexpected complications.
Landau is one of the most enduring actors of our time. Among his credits are Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”, Tim Burton’s “Ed Wood” and “Cleopatra.”

Landau had been a cartoonist before starting his acting career in the ’50s. He appeared in nearly 200 films and TV shows during his illustrious career and worked until his death. His big break came in 1966 when he was cast as Rollin Hand in the “Mission: Impossible” TV series alongside his then wife Barbra Bain. The role got him repeatedly nominated for Emmys and helped him nab the Best Male TV Star Golden Globe in 1968.


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